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New Orleans Music Lessons' VIP Club

We only offer the best music lessons taught by the best music teachers and coaches in New Orleans and would like to extend two options for the most dedicated students.  We offer the "Lucky 3" and the "Golden Cheeseburger".


LUCKY 3 - $10,000 

The "Lucky 3" is 3 years worth of lessons at your place, our studio, or via webcam. You will also receive a credit worth $300 on books or gear for the 3 years.  If I or another teacher needs to recommend a book for you, I/we will buy it.  The "Lucky 3" will help you master the guitar (or any other instrument we offer) with all the convenience you deserve as a VIP.

Lucky 3



A lifetime of lessons.  Inspired by the Golden Sundae (see pic above) from NYC and a late friend and restauranteur's restaurant which offers a fantastic cheeseburger with golden flakes, silver ware and only the best quality ingredients. These are lessons given exclusively by David Putnam.  You will have all the conveniences of our "Lucky 3" offer with the luxury of having a teacher to master your instrument.  You will also have a coach that will inspire you in all walks of life through music.  Not only will you be inspired, but part of each VIP's investment will go into the making and building of a new facility for New Orleans Music Lessons, LLC bringing music to our community and enhancing our city of New Orleans for the better.  We will also donate a percentage to a charity of your choosing.  So not only will you become a master of your musical instrument and all the skills that come along with being a musician of the highest caliber, but you will also bring joy to thousands of children and adults throughout our city of New Orleans and, most likely, worldwide.  


*50 1-hour lessons will be given within a 365 day year for our "Lucky 3" and the "Golden Cheeseburger" offers.  No cancellations allowed.  No refunds allowed.  It is ok to double or triple up on the hours or meet daily if scheduling allows.  It is ok to take more than 50 1-hour lessons within a year.  Lessons can then be deducted (for example, 3 years of lessons x 50 lessons = 150 lessons.  If 100 is given within the first year then only 50 lessons will be left). The "Golden Cheeseburger" offer starts from the first lesson given until the 1500th lesson is given, or for 30 years, or until the teacher or student dies.  The teacher (David Putnam) has the right to forfeit lessons in exchange for pro-rated lessons.  Inflation costs have been estimated and applied to the "Golden Cheeseburger" offer.  "The Golden Cheeseburger" will be paid in person and a contract will be drawn up stating all details as given above.

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Acting Parties & Lessons

Acting lessons are offered for private and group classes.

We also are available to host an acting party at your next shindig. Contact us for details!

Student gives guitar teacher, David Putnam, an electric guitar!

When I have a student get excited about our lessons it really makes me happy inside to know that I can bring other people joy, especially, through music! I've had many tips given to me from my students over the years as a thank you to me for all they have learned from our lessons. I've received gifts that have ranged from money to books and more and I am so grateful for all. Just recently, I was given a guitar as a thank you from one of my jazz guitar students, Matthias. How cool is that?! (it's the cream guitar on the right).

Check out Matthias' band, Indyus. His music will definitely get you going!

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Scale Practice in the Mornings with David

Looking to practice your scales, arps, and/or sight reading?  Practice guitar with our teacher, David, every morning Monday through Friday at 10AM.  If you'd like to meet earlier that can be arranged, too.  This is not a lesson, but a practice session.  $10 if you pay-as-you-go or $40 if you meet everyday of the week.  All stringed instrumentalists are welcome!



Are you a business that would like your ad to be seen by thousands daily?  Contact David for details.  We can also design ads for you or your business.

Free Coffee & WiFi For You!

We know how it can be to be a parent or spouse waiting for your child or loved one to take a lesson.  For your comfort, David, offers free Starbucks coffee and free WiFi at his music studio so that you can relax with your iPad or laptop while you wait.  For $2 you can get a fresh vege and/or fruit juice to help you think more clearly during your lesson. For the mom's that are waiting for their children to take a lesson we also offer mini ice cream for those that would like to indulge for only $2.  What's your favorite ice cream?