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Ann Everson - Piano & Voice Teacher in Houston, TX





Teaching beginning to advanced students of various ages, beginner guitar, vocals and piano, Ann is a very diverse music teacher.  One on one music lessons either in their homes, or in her studios is what she does best. Ann teaches beginning to advanced students of all ages.  



Private Piano Lessons:  age 5, beginner to advanced with: Francis Harris - Concert Pianist) – Houston, TX

Private Guitar Lessons: age 10, beginner to advanced with: Marco Eduardo - Flamenco/Classical Guitarist– Houston, TX

Private Vocal Lessons: age 7, beginner to advanced with: Charlo Bowles - Ex Metropolitan Opera Singer – Chicago, IL


Other Skills:

Advanced Sight Reading Skills, Music Theory taught with all lessons.

Professional Performer for over 30 years



In Ann's own words...

I come from a musical family with both my parents singing in the church choirs. My earliest memories are singing with the rest of my siblings at around 3 years old on long car trips. When I was 5, I began singing solos in front of our entire congregation of about 300 people. My Mother called me absolutely fearless.

I started piano lessons the age of 5 as well, and continued in lessons for the next ten years with Concert Pianist, Francis Harris.

Because I was singing so much, my parents decided I had better get formal voice lessons. I began with Ex-Metropolitan Opera Singer Charlo Bowles at the age of 7 and continued for the next 7 years. I was always in choir, whether in church or at school, until I graduated High School. During that time, I was in every musical our schools produced and played the lead in several performances.

I started lessons on guitar at the age of 10. There were many songs I wanted to sing, that didn’t sound right with the piano, but sounded better or were written for the guitar.

I started doing concerts of my original music accompanied with the guitar, at the age of 15 in school, and was asked to perform in other schools for various functions and started establishing a reputation at that time.

I started singing professionally at the age of 16, in a club in Chicago called Bar-Babies, (which is where the group Chicago got its start). I played for 2 hours per day 4 days per week. I didn’t have a large repertoire at that time and had to repeat music often, but I was learning fast and was enjoying the living I was able to eek out even at that age.

I continued to make a living as a singer/guitarist for the next 10 years. Playing up and down the East Coast at places like St. Simon’s King & Prince Hotel. Hilton Head Island, The Hilton. I did Cruise Liners and resorts and traveled all over the U.S., parts of Canada and a nine month tour of Europe, all before I was 22 years old. I opened for John Denver at Tulalip Bay Indian Reservation right before his first album release.

I joined the National College Concert Performers Association and was booked as an opening act for several head-liners like: Johnny Mathis, James Taylor, the group “Exile”, and such.

I stopped singing professionally for a time, as I settled down to have a family and began teaching part-time. As the Learning Center Director for Mars Music, I attended several seminars, one in particular was Alfred’s Adult Piano Course in which I became a certified instructor. I found I enjoyed teaching more than working on the office level, so my teaching hours and student load began to increase.

I realized that even though I started writing songs at the age of 12, I needed to understand why music was written the way it was. I started studying Music Theory, and the world of music suddenly became clearer to me. Not only the enjoyment of listening and writing, but now understanding the more technical side helped me to enjoy it at a deeper level and write better music.

My main goal in life, is to impart the knowledge and experience I have gained through my 40+ years of music, whether professionally or as a teacher. I hope to inspire another generation to continue this remarkable tradition of learning and playing music and find the enrichment and friendships through it, carries over into our everyday lifestyles.

-Ann Everson 



Set up lessons with Ann at [email protected]

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Student gives guitar teacher, David Putnam, an electric guitar!

When I have a student get excited about our lessons it really makes me happy inside to know that I can bring other people joy, especially, through music! I've had many tips given to me from my students over the years as a thank you to me for all they have learned from our lessons. I've received gifts that have ranged from money to books and more and I am so grateful for all. Just recently, I was given a guitar as a thank you from one of my jazz guitar students, Matthias. How cool is that?! (it's the cream guitar on the right).

Check out Matthias' band, Indyus. His music will definitely get you going!

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Looking to practice your scales, arps, and/or sight reading?  Practice guitar with our teacher, David, every morning Monday through Friday at 10AM.  If you'd like to meet earlier that can be arranged, too.  This is not a lesson, but a practice session.  $10 if you pay-as-you-go or $40 if you meet everyday of the week.  All stringed instrumentalists are welcome!



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Free Coffee & WiFi For You!

We know how it can be to be a parent or spouse waiting for your child or loved one to take a lesson.  For your comfort, David, offers free Starbucks coffee and free WiFi at his music studio so that you can relax with your iPad or laptop while you wait.  For $2 you can get a fresh vege and/or fruit juice to help you think more clearly during your lesson. For the mom's that are waiting for their children to take a lesson we also offer mini ice cream for those that would like to indulge for only $2.  What's your favorite ice cream?